Last course of the season, and there are two spots left!  Take advantage of the ideal riding conditions this fall, and start riding now.  We'll provide the motorcycle, and a helmet if you need one; you will need to pass the written test, and you are ready to start.  V-Twin Kamloops is a certified riding school, which means we provide the motorcycle skills test as part of our course.  Our well experienced instructors are at their peak at the end of the season, and they will have you riding on your own in under two weeks.  


If you take training now, it's also the time to find a good deal on a motorcycle.  We'll give you a free "refresher" course when you are ready to start riding in the spring.  Then when you are ready for the road test, we'll provide our standard "Road Test Preparation" to give you the best chance of success.


If you have previous experience, or have been learning on your own, but can't get in for the MST, give us a call.  We provide Accelerated Rider Training which includes the MST; you won't have to wait for an appointment at ICBC.  We can supply a bike, or you can use your own.  If you have passed the MST, in traffic training and road test preparation are available to get you ready for your road test.


If you have no previous experience, but a desire to start riding soon, and well, V-Twin Motorcycle Riding School Kamloops offers proven training for new riders with our New Rider Course.  Our proven program will get you riding well and ready for your road test in two weeks or less:


  • Jasmin and studentMotorcycles supplied – a variety of sizes and styles to suit all riders.  Bikes in our fleet are chosen to be easy to handle and inspire confidence.
  • In the classroom, we cover riding gear selection, what to consider when choosing a motorcycle, how to save money on insurance, as well as the strategies and tactics that skilled riders use to minimize risk.
  • Initial skill development takes place in a secure environment, away from traffic.  We give you the time and coaching you need to learn the skills, and practice them under the watchful eyes of our well experienced and ICBC licensed instructors.
  • When you are ready, we provide the Motorcycle Skills Test that allows ICBC to remove some of the restrictions on your Learner's permit.  You don't need to take time off work or find a motorcycle for the test.
  • There are two full days of in-traffic training, working progressively from lightly travelled residential roads through multi-lane and country roads.  We give you the time to develop confidence as a rider, leading the group or riding on your own.  V-Twin instructors are supportive coaches who will provide structured feedback to encourage development of good, and safe, riding habits.
  • At the end of in-traffic training, you'll receive a report on your readiness for the road test.  When you are ready, you can use one of our motorcycles for the road test, and we will include a private lesson, one-on-one with an experienced instructor, just prior to the test to ensure you are well prepared.
  • The pace of training is adjusted to suit the needs of the students, and if extra training is necessary outside of scheduled course times, there is no charge.
  • We can get you fully licensed, and confident, help you select appropriate riding gear, and identify a motorcycle that will fit your needs.  We distribute discount coupons from various dealers to reduce the cost of purchasing gear, and a motorcycle.  V-Twin students also receive a discount on the optional portion of their insurance coverage.


V-Twin Motorcycle Rider Training School is the premier rider training school in the BC Interior. In addition to our operations in Kamloops, we have scheduled courses in Salmon Arm and throughout the Okanagan.  Each location is staffed by instructors from the community, with local knowledge and many years of instructonal experience.  All locations offer the same proven curriculum and teaching methods, developed over 29 years in motorcycle rider training.


At each location, we maintain a fleet of motorcycles selected to provide a variety of configurations, as well as to fit the greatest range of riders.  You can try different bikes during training, and use our motorcycle to take the road test.


We have:

  • the most experienced instructors in the BC Interior, and the most experienced instructors in Kamloops
  • the best New Rider training program in the Kamloops – developed locally to meet the needs of Kamloops riders
  • small class sizes
  • an efficient program – more riding, less waiting in line means up to 30% more riding time than at other schools
  • a certified program that meets ICBC standards and allows us to offer the Motorcycle Skills Assessment
  • Road Test preparation – use our bike for the road test; get a pre-test "tune up" for your best chance of success
  • Motorcycle Skills Test preparation – on our bike or yours
  • a flexible schedule and custom training options
  • Owner Maintenance and winterization courses


Quality rider training will be available on weekends and weekdays until October.  Scheduled courses start every two weeks. We also offer private lessons – one on one training on your schedule, or custom training for couples or small groups – get some friends together.  If none of the scheduled courses exactly fit your needs, contact us. We will mix and match locations and training days to fit anyone who wants to learn to ride well.


By combining our fun training environment with your enthusiasm, our New Rider Course will give you the confidence to ride safely. We also offer training for experienced riders, and for those already in the licensing process.


At V-Twin Motorcycle Rider Training School, it isn't just about riding, it's about riding well.